Behavior Management Plan (BMP)

May also be refer to as a Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) or Behavior Management Invention (BMI).

Once your child has been diagnosed with a disability (i.e. ADHD, NVLD, PDD, OCD, ODD, Autism) and if behavior is an issue at school immediately request a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA).

FBA should include all team members (parents, teacher, specialist, providers)  anyone who has contact with your child.

The FBA can be done by the school (school behaviorist) or by outside behaviorist, in either case the FBA report should be discussed at the team meeting with the school.   Call a team meeting to review the report when developing or updating your child's IEP and include a Behavior Plan.

Wrightlaws article:
What You Need to Know About IDEA 2004: IEPs for Children with Behavior Problems
by Pat Howey, Paralegal and Advocate

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The BMP should be part of your child's IEP or as an attachment to the IEP.  If BMP is not included in your child's IEP you can find yourself in a situation with them saying "well, that plan was not in place at the time of this incident."

A behavior plan should always addresses three issues, called the ABC's of behavior.

Antecedent (what was going on just before the behavior),
Behavior itself, and
Consequence (what happens as a result of the behavior).

The following is an actual sample of a BMP. After using the plan for 1 full school year most all problems were eliminated. A dramatic improvement occurred within 6 weeks and grades went to above average and higher. The teachers followed the plan and it worked. There were exceptions, one teacher and the Principal withdrew from following the plan steps which resulted in filing on two Due Process's Hearings.

Hope this helps some of you as it did us and our child.  Some simple things can make a great difference if the entire Team sticks with it. Feel free to modify and implement your own BMP.

After this Plan no events occurred again and no more alternative school, it was written out of the Plan.

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Sample Behavioral Mangement Plan (BMP)

I. Target Goals

A. [student name] will learn to abide by classroom and school rules as evidenced by a decrease in discipline referrals.

B. [student name] will improve his social skills as evidenced by less reported conflicts with peers.

C. [student name] will experience academic success as measured by passing grades on his report card and standardized testing.

II. Interventions

A. [student name] will receive liberal verbal praise for all completed work and compliance to class room rules.

B. [student name] will receive a participation grade for appropriated classroom participation and compliance. The grade will be noted on the weekly report to the parents, along with all grades received during the week in each class.

C. [student name] will be seated near the front in each class to assist with attentiveness and compliance.

D. [student name] will receive additional free time, as a reward,  when he has completed all assignments in compliance with the Teacher instructions. This includes but is not limited to computer time, napping, reading, assisting Teacher, etc....

E. [student name] and [School Counselor] will contact each other, every Thursday to coordinate each week's incomplete or missed assignments in each class utilizing the prepared form from [School Counselor].
[School Counselor] will keep a copy and send a sealed copy home to the parents.
[parents name] will then use Saturday school to make-up work and see that it is returned on Monday or by Wednesday if due to absence.

If a Teacher fails to list make-up work [student name] will be given the opportunity to make it up and will not be penalized for it.  Friday is a backup day if not completed on Thursday.

F. When [student name] is not cooperating, following rules or being disruptive then the teaching staff or others shall initially use a verbal redirection.

G. If the verbal redirection fails, the Teacher will initiate a one to one conference outside the room in an attempt to have [student name] regroup or change the behavior.

H. Following this, if the behavioral conference fails, [student name] will be sent to [School Counselor] for counseling and possibly a discussion with [Assist Principal] about conduct in school.

I. If counseling on the behavioral problem that occurred does not correct the behavior the parents will be contacted and discuss the behavior problem either by phone or conference.  If the parents consent [student name] could be sent to ISS for a day for that occurrence only after an appropriate investigation has been completed and the parents have been informed and agree.

If the problem continues [student name] will be counseled by [outside contract Counselor] who will be called by the School, and the parents will be notified by [outside contract Counselor] when he will see [student name] and will have a discussion with the parents at that time of the problem and suggested solution.

After the counseling [Assist Principal] and the parents will discuss solutions and actions to implement.

J. [student name] will receive counseling on peer relation and social skills from [School Counselor] on a bi-weekly basis.  Counseling should provide skills to build and manage his attention and learning strategies to enhance academic performance. 

This will help him become more self discipline and make better decisions to succeed in High School. If [School Counselor] is not available [outside contracted Counselor] will be utilized.

K. Following the implementation of the above plan, should [student name] fail to correct the behavior or if there should be any serious un-cooperativeness then a parent conference will be called. The counselor and the nearest member of the IEP Team to the class situation will also be included to discuss corrective actions.

If necessary the full IEP Team will be reconvened to assess changes as may be appropriate.

If a referral to the principal's office should occur the parents will be notified at that time and a meeting will be held that day if possible or the next day to determine the correct course of action to be taken in accordance with Law 504 and Section B, IDEA Guidelines and the School Code of Conduct as it applies to Law 504 and Section B of the IDEA.

L. If [student name] should continue to fail or if the current plan should need modification then the IEP committee will reconvene to assess changes as may be appropriate.

M. All teachers must be aware that [student name] has serious impaired vision in his right eye.  He should be seated as to where all instruction is received in his Left hemisphere as much as possible. He is to be seated near the front of the class within 2 or 3 seats. Due to how some rooms
are set up distance is to be considered.

N. [student name] is taking medication under a Doctors orders.

NOTE: Last update was 7-18-2000. This update is provided on 8-22-2000.

Changes made to items (I) and (J).
Item (M) added for clarification on visual impairment.
Item (N) added for information.

If the School rejects any part of the modifications a written response shall be forwarded to the parents within 10 days.


This BMP was created by Rick Yeager, a special needs parent, and their child's team.