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User friendly summary of both the Concord Public School (CPS) Report, Grades K-8 and Concord Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS), Grades 9-12 DOE report

A seven member Massachusetts Department of Education team visited both Concord Carlisle Regional High School and Concord Public Schools in spring of 2001 to evaluate the implementation of selected criteria in the program areas of special education, civil rights requirements, Title I, the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, and Nutrition Programs and Services.

The report includes findings in the program areas reviewed organized under nine components directly related to teaching and learning (i.e. evaluation, programs, child find, etc.) .

 The findings in each program area describe determinations by the DOE team about the implementation status or “Rating” of each criterion reviewed.

There were 5 Possible Ratings:

Commendable  Any requirement or aspect of a requirement implemented in an exemplary manner significantly beyond the requirements of law or regulation.
Implemented The requirement is substantially met.
Implementation in Progress The criterion includes one or more new state special education requirements which became effective on September 1, 2000. The district has substantially implemented any pre September 1, 2000 requirements also included under the criterion and is currently engaged in staff training and/or is beginning implementation practices for new requirements which the Department's onsite team anticipates will result in substantial compliance by the end of the current school year.
Partially Implemented  The requirement, in one or several important aspects, is not entirely met.
Not Implemented The requirement is totally or substantially not met.
The findings note those criteria which were found by the team to be substantially “Implemented” or implemented in a “Commendable” manner.  Where criteria were found to be either "Partially Implemented" or "Not Implemented," the district must propose to the Department corrective actions to bring those areas into compliance with the related statute or regulation.  In some instances the team may have rated a requirement as “Implementation in Progress” or  “Implemented” and has made specific comment on the district's implementation methods which also may require response from the district.

The following table shows a summary of the CPS and CCHS audit findings:


Commendable   1*   6

Implemented 30 36

Implementation in Progress  0   0
The user friendly summaries  focus on these items a finger ponting to Partially Implemented items Partially Implemented 25 12

Not Implemented   1*   0

Concord Public School (CPS)
Our user friendly summary of (CPS), grades K-8 report
  • DOE Site visit was on May 7, 2001
  • DOE Final Report, dated November 7, 2001
  • Sharon McArdle, Administrator created the Concord Corrective Action Plan, dated January 11, 2002 (without involvement from our PAC), she presented it to the school committee.
  • DOE Review of Concords Action Plan, dated May 22, 2002
  • Our PAC presentation to the School Committee was on June 11, 2002 meeting, parent input on the DOE Coordinated Program Review.

Concord Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS)
Our user friendly summary of Concord Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS), grades 9-12 report

Full version of  the DOE reports (100 pages each):

  • Concord Public Schools (CPS), Grades K-8 report
  • Concord Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS), Grades 9-12 report

  • Check for your own town's puplic school report or your child's out-of-district school
    , on DOE website, by clicking on one of the underlined chooses.

    (Please note: Each report is about 100 pages, these reports are PDF files.
     They can be viewed/printed only and require a program called Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat Raeder logo To get a free version of this program, click here.)

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