Concord SPED PAC Discussion List

We have a email list for discussion of special education issues.
Our discussion list is hosted by Yahoo, you can visit the home of the Yahoo list website:

 Concord Sped PAC Discussion list

Our email list is free (Yahoo does include ads as part of the messages) and it is a moderated list.

How do I join the list?
For the Concord SPED PAC list that serves: PreK through Grade 8, and Grade 9 to Grade 12 and beyond.
You can sign up my clicking here to send email to:

or use the Concord SPED PAC (button on the left) button on our homepage.

(We had a separate email list for Concord Carlisle High School SPED PAC ( list that served: Grade 9-post high school parents, we decided to merge the two lists in June 2006.)
What do I put in my sign-up email?
  1. In the "subject:" you can enter "subscribe".
  2. In the body of the text, you can leave blank or type "subscribe".
  3. Send your message,
  4. Once you receive a confirmation message from Yahoo, 
  5. Our list moderator will send you an email requesting additional information.
    1. If you do not receive notification of joining our membership list, please check that your trash folder, junk folder for email message from our moderator and your spam filter.
    2. If you have questions or are having trouble joining the discussion group, contact our webmaster or email list our moderator.
  6. Reply to the email from our moderator with the requested information,
  7. You will begin to receive the emails messages from our discussion list members.
What is a Discussion List?
For those unfamiliar with discussion lists, any participant may send and email, post an event, asking a question, or respond to others. All the list members will receive the messages that others have sent. One central email address receives and distributes all messages.  Messages will arrive automatically in your email inbox.  We do encourage participation.  If you wish you may "lurk", which means you sign up but just read the exchange of messages, and do not send messages to the list.  You can also choose to send a message directly to the person who posted the message and the rest of the members will not see the response.

While we hope this list will be a source of facts for participants, we would like to point out that this is a DISCUSSION. Therefore, some of the exchange will be opinion and potentially biased. The accuracy and reliability of the sources of the information presented must be judged by list members themselves. The SPED PAC chairs are not responsible for any inaccurate statements made on this list.

To post a message to our list:
Once you are a member of one of our email list.
Address your email to (To:), one of the following email list :

For the Concord SPED PAC list that serves: PreK through Grade 8,


Guidelines for messages:

Our list is moderated, which means that one of the SPED PAC board members chooses if messages are posted to the whole list of members or not.  Messages will NOT be posted, unless they do not meet the following guidelines.

The moderator(s) check for the following:

    1. If messages that are off topic, or not relevant to our group they will not be posted.
    2. If your message is a personal reply, or a short comment (i.e. "I agree", "Thanks for information"), the moderator may choose to sent it directly to the person who it was intended and not send it to all the members.   (This will help keep the volume of messages down).
    3. We will not post message that include flaming (rude, insulting, derogatory or intentionally disruptive remarks).  Our group list is intended to be a supportive environment.  Although we don't all need to agree, we need to be supportive, respectful and constructive in our comments and differences of opinion.
    4. We will not post any message that is purely for commercial purpose or purely for advertising someone's business or services.  Post are from special education parent advisory councils (SPEDPAC's), special education organizations, disability support groups/organizations or special education business who are providing education opportunities to parents of children with disabilities (the majority offered at no charge).    
    5. If your message contains too much personal information about yourself, child, another parent or school personal, our moderator can choose to remove identifying information or not post your message.  There are over 100 members on this email discussion list (your neighbors, friends from other towns, school personal, professionals, etc.), so do not post any information you do not want a lot of people to read and have in writing. 
    6. Individuals are only allowed to post 2 long messages on a single topic per day.  If a 3rd message is posted by the same individual in a given day, it may be rejected at the moderatorís discretion.  This prevents a single member from dominating the discussion and avoids redundant information.
    7. Messages must be in a neat and presentable format.  No postings with extraneous forwarded information on the top and bottom that have HTML characters, canned messages or cyber advertisements or plain garbage within the email.
    8. That forwarded emails have a statement about why the the email is being posted and why members would be interested.  This is to help create a discussion and encourage questions.
    9. Messages do not contain large document attachments (1-2 pages and 50K or less in size).  When possible, please provide a link to the website the flyer is posted on, so members can choose to view or downloaded the information.
    10. Our moderator makes the final decision on posting messages. 

Yahoo Group members can take a look at our message history.  There is a "Search" option for the history file.
Our members have found it to be very helpful tool, give it a try.

We are please to offer this discussion group to our members.


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