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Providers: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW/MSW), Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), Psychologist, Psychiatrist/Psychopharmalogoist, Boston Psychiatrist/Psychopharmalogoist

Each of these doctors comes recommended by at least one of our SPED PAC members, we cannot in any way guarantee the result.  It is important to check their references, review their credentials, and interview them to understand whether their skills and are a good fit for your child.  Remember when you chose a doctor, to ask if they are willing to work with the school (i.e. consult or go to TEAM meetings).

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The Massachusetts Physician Profiles can give you basic information on the doctor, degrees, any actions against them if any, their phone number, etc.
Massachusetts Physician Profiles, by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Board of Registration in Medicine 

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What difference between having your child see a pediatric psychiatrist or a pediatric psychopharmacologists / psychologist?

First the difference are the college courses they are required to take for their degree of MD versus Ph.D.

Psychiatrist - there are two types:

Psychologist  - a Ph.D., not MD (so they cannot prescribe meds.) their focus is how people think, grow and react. Not as regulated as the MD's, so their are many different types: Family, Counseling, School, Child, Behaviorist plus lots of research oriented jobs (Ph.D.).

Neuropsychologist - Psychologist specially trained in neuropsychology, are who neuropsychological evaluation is done by. This person will hold a Ph.D. and have predoctoral and postdoctoral training working with children who have acquired brain injury or neurodevelopmental disorders. In addition, a neuropsychologist has specialized training through additional course work in neuropsychological assessment, neuroanatomy, and brain function. This individual will have worked closely with senior neuropsychologists as part of their specialized clinical training. All neuropsychologists should be licensed and some will also be recognized by the professional board in this discipline (e.g., American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN), American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology (ABPdN). Child neuropsychologists may be found in medical settings, rehabilitation centers, educational contexts, and private practice. Individuals interested in obtaining a neuropsychological evaluation should inquire about specific training that the professional has had in this area. From article "Unraveling the Neuropsychological Assessment", by Katherine D. Tsatsanis, Ph.D. and Fred R. Volkmar, M.D.

(For a description and article of what is a Neuropsychological Assessment, see our Neuropsychology webpage, and
  for a list of Neuropsychologist, see our Recommend Evaluators webpage.)

School Psychologist in our state are required to have a Master's Degree, CAGS, or Doctoral Degree in School Psychology from an Educational Institution Licensed or Accredited by the State in which it is Located.
The CAGS, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, can be in school psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, etc.

(For a description of what is a Psychological Assessment, see our Type of Evaluations webpage

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) – Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) – Licensed Mental Health Counselors have a Master's in Counseling and/or Psychology, plus supervised experience.  They assist clients who are coping with difficult life events, a wide variety of problems and concerns.  They specialize in many areas such as the emotional problems of anxiety and phobias, depression, child and spouse abuse, family conflict, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, drug and alcohol abuse, crisis intervention, job and career issues, personal growth, bereavement, and crime victimization.  Others manage serious mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder.  Cognitive therapy is among the most common techniques, but some employ other therapies. Some clinical counselors specialize and work with a particular population, for example, child and adolescents, adults, the elderly. Mental health counselors may work for a variety of agencies: individual and family services, hospitals, and inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities. Some are in private practice.  Clinical counselors often work as part of a health care team; the team could include doctors, nurse specialists, psychologists, and even social workers.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW or LCSW) - Have a master's degree in the field of social work, Master of Social Work (MSW), this degree is a requirement to become licended. It is degree with specializations compared to Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).  LCSW is specialized and trained social worker who have also passed the necessary steps to gain licensure. This usually requires an extensive period of post-graduate supervised work experience along with passing one of a few different national tests to ensure competency.  Once licensed LICSW are able to open thier own private practice.

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) - A international nonprofit association for professionals incorporating horses to address mental health and personal development needs.  EAGALA organizzton was founded in 1999.  The EAGALA Model requires a team of a mental health professional and an equine specialist professional. Backgrounds range from mental health professionals with no horse experience, to equine specialists with no mental health experience, and everyone in between.  The therapy services known as Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy.  EAGALA organizaton website.

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Concord area (Acton, Lexington, Bedford, etc.) doctors recommend by SPED PAC members.

Key = 'nP' number of positive responses we received from our members, 'nN' = number of negative responses.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW or LCSW): 

Donald Zall, Concord (2P)

"Our son went to Dr. Zoll, and we were happy with his approach and his manner with children.  He is very realistic about what can be done and what needs to be done;  he looks for results.  I would recommend him."  D. HK
"Dr. Zoll was helpful to our family when our teenage was having some troubles.  I found him to be understanding and helpful." A.G.

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC):

New England Center for Mental Health
119 Russell Street, Suite 30, Littleton, MA 01460

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Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA): 

Deb Madera, M.Ed, LMHC, NCC, NCSC, EAGALA Certified, Acton (2P)
Clinical Director at the Cultivate Counseling Center
217 Nagog Hill Road, Acton, MA 01720
(978) 440-0763, cell: (978) 621-0535, Fax: 978-849-6685

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Buck Weaver, Weston (3P)

Ingrid Maier, in Acton (2 1/2 P)

"She's very nice and has a lot of play therapy techniques and she may be helpful with school related problems."  A.G.

Stan Berman, Concord (1P)

"Excellent psychologist, ADD knowledgeable" D.W.

Brian Reynolds, Concord (1P)

Annette Kenndy, Lexington (1P)

Debbora Piper, in Acton (1P) - Now working with adults.

Judy Stein, Lexington (1P)

Rick Iving, Wilmington (1P)

"He is very kind person, really likes kids, has a good feel for neurological issues (i.e NLD, LD, etc) and has a great sense of humor."  J.R.

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Madhavi Kamireddi, MD, Acton (2P)
New England Center for Mental Health, Adults, Children and Adolescents, Medical Director

Robert Ziegler, Acton (2P)

"My child has been seeing Dr. Ziegler for about 1 year.  He has been very open about how he can help us." M.O.

Peter Musliner, MD, Acton (1P)

Richard Berlin, MD, Concord (2N, 2P)

Beth Brownlow, MD, Concord (2N, 2P)

    "She's is very good at finding the correct medication."

Thrassos Calligias, MD, Concord (2P, 2N)

Ross Peterson, MD, Carslisle (2 P)

Eugene Piazza, MD, Sudbury (1P)


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Boston area doctors recommend by SPED PAC members.

Joseph Biederman, Mass General Hospital, Boston

Ron Steingard, offices in Cambridge and UMass, Worcester

Peter Metz, U Mass, Worcester

Stuart Goldman, Children's Hospital, Boston

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Some insurance plans (i.e. HCHP) requires that you see a psychologist first to evaluate.

Your child's doctor should be willing to get to know your child and make suggestions to help with situations (therapeutic) rather then one that just prescribes meds.

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