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The Sudbury & Concord Special Education Advisory Council (SSEAC & SPED PAC)
 Invites Parents of Children with Disabilities to Attend a Workshop on

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Monday, November 22
 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Goodnow Library, Sudbury

Presented by Donna Murphy
Experienced Special Education Advocate
A Federation for Children with Special Needs trainer

Every child with a disability who receives special education services must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)*.  This workshop takes parents step-by-step through the development of the IEP including how to articulate a vision, using evaluations to write annual measurable goals, and how to measure your child’s progress.

(* The term IEP describes both the TEAM meeting and the written description of the child's program.
If your child already has an IEP, bring it with you to the workshop.)

For directions to Goodnow Library

Co-Sponsored by:
Sudbury Special Education Advisory Council (SSEAC) and
Concord Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (Concord SPED PAC)

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Last updated November 6, 2004
By Melody Orfei