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Full Scale IQ Scores

Other sources generally cite IQ scores and their labels:

below 20 Profoundly Intellectual Impairment - Profoundly Mentally Retareded (MR)
  20-34 Severe Intellectual Impairment - Severe Mentally Retarded (MR)*

Moderate Intellectual Impairment - Moderate Mentally Retarded (MR)*


Mild Intellectual Impairment - Mild Mental Retarded (MR)


Broaderline Intellectual Functioning

  85-99 Lower average - normal

Average - normal

100-115 High average - normal
115-129 Bright
130-144 Gifted
145-159 Highly gifted
160 above Profoundly gifted

Full Scale IQs between 90 and 110 are considered within the "average range" (Mean IQ score is 100).
Full Scale IQ graph
* = source "Children with Mental Retardation" A Parents' Guide", (1993, Pub.Woodbine House Inc., p6).

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