Pathways Program Curriculum

The Pathways Program provides mainstream academics, functional academics and vocational curriculum. Within this framework, the staff works to guide each student to pursue goals and objectives included in the IEP. The school program is designed to provide subject areas related to general education curriculum, career development, employment, self-awareness and independent living skills.

English language Arts

This class emphasizes communication skills through written and oral language. A variety of stories (related to human interest, newspaper articles, biographies, and outside independent reading) are read and discussed. Structured assignments are given to assess comprehension, build vocabulary and spelling skills, and foster the ability to write a minimum of five grammatically accurate sentences on a given subject. Calendar and Alphabetical order activities, telephone messages, functional sign recognition and form skills are included as well as letter and journal writing and computer based assignments.


As with all academics, the individualized math class is designed to help students follow directions with major attention given to consumer related activities of budgeting, banking, shopping, making change, paying taxes, and tipping. The class is also designed to build upon students' understanding of time and time relationships, how weekly wages are computed, and measurement (through use of rulers, yardsticks and cooking projects). Calculators and teacher made worksheets are used to assist students with their understanding of whole number operations involving + , -, x, and word problems. Weekly community trips to local restaurants, shops, and banks give "hands on" practical experience involving money relationships. Students are also involved in keeping the financial records and ordering inventory for the CCHS school store,  “The Patriot Canteen".

Pathways I & IIIn Pathways, students investigate educational, social, vocational and recreational issues that are paramount to success at Concord-Carlisle High School. The individualized nature to this program helps to serve an eclectic range of academic, medical and social needs each student possesses. In Pathways I (A BLOCK), students study the close relationship between success in school and success on a job or with a career. This is accomplished by examining critical vocational behaviors necessary toward choosing, acquiring and maintaining competitive employment. 

The Pathways program promotes an emphasis on transitional issues. The career development component of Pathways places students at specific tier levels according to individual skills and needs. Regular monitoring by the vocational coordinator/job coach and employers assess the student's progress. During Pathways I students are exposed to concepts involving an understanding of career development. Moreover, topics such as work ethic, the importance of punctuality and following directions, and recognizing employer/employee relationships are reinforced in the classroom for all students. The vocational program provides placement at both in and out of school work sites. A student's movement to a new work site is based on his /her ability to meet the goals in each tier level.

Pathways II

Adapted Physical Education

Students take adapted physical education twice a week during Pathways II. The curriculum is devoted to using the CCHS Fitness Center (to develop strength training & cardiovascular fitness), seasonal sports, mixed games, and other activities.

Service Delivery

Assistive technology, speech and language, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and individual counseling: These services are based on a student's individual need developed at the TEAM meeting and incorporated in the IEP.
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Last updated January 23, 2005
By Melody Orfei