Social Pragmatics

Covers the use of language, private individual or group situation: That these groups are run by Speech Language Pathologist have a different focus then groups run by psychologist's or a social worker.
Different language pieces, focus on rules (other children know), changing topic, breaking down a task, work on actual behavior (verbal and non-vebral).

While each of the following professionals comes recommended by at least three SPED PAC members, we cannot in any way guarantee the result. It is important to check their references, review their credentials, and interview them to understand whether their skills and approach are a good fit for your child.

Social Pragmatics Groups run by Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

Groups for ages 6 - young adults:

Pamela Ely Martins, SLP-CCC
Ely Associates
72W Rowe Street
Newton, MA  02466

Call Mary Lewis (office administrator) 617-795-1755

Pamela was recommend by three of our PAC members and refered to us by Elsa Abele,
Pamela and Elsa were the  founders of the Ely Assoiates in Auburndale.

Dr. Ann E. Densmore, Ed.D., CCC SLP/A
Speech Pathologist, Audiologist, Clinical Child Lindquist
4 Militia Drive, Suite 15
Lexington, MA 02420
She specializes in social skills through a floor play model and runs social groups (mostly pairs).
She works younger kids preschool/elementary yet will follow their progress through high school.
Knows Concord schools and will make visits and work in the classroom as well as on the playground.
She run indoor and outdoor play sessions.

Speech Language Pathologist that consult or do training to schools:

Katherine Elias, M.A., CCC-SLP
124 Waltham Street
Watertown, MA  02172-2500

Boston University
The Sargent Clinic
Speech-Language Pathology
635 Commonwalth Avenue
Boston, MA  02215

Dr. Elsa Abele, CCC-SLP
Retired from Boston University, The Sargent Clinic in 2005.

Elsa is now limiting her self to doing school trainings this year (2006).
603-224-4903 NH

List of Social Communication websites

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