Spelling Programs

Seeing Stars®: Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words and Spelling Program
This program uses visualizing individual letter and extends into multi syllables, contextual reading and spelling.

Spelling: Development
Disability and Instruction
By Louisa Cook-Moats
Published by Baltimore, MD: New York Press

This book has detailed instructional principles for learning how to spell.
Spelling: Development Disability and Instruction book cover

The following Spelling curriculmums that have workbooks,

published by EPS (Educator Publishing Service) located in Cambridge, MA:

How To Teach Spelling and How To Spell workbooks by L. Rudginsky and E. Haskell
Spelling instruction based on Orton-Gillingham patterns.

How to Spell 1 (Grade 1)
How to Spell 2 (Grades 2–3)
How to Spell 3 (Grades 4–6)
How to Spell 4 (Grades 7–12)

Spellwell, by Nancy M. Hall
A spelling series for Grade level 2 - 5, teaches grade level words that follow a particular pattern as well as words that are chosen by the individual student.

Spellbound and The Spell of Words, by Elsie T. Rak
Grades 7–Adult

Vocabulary from Classical Roots series, by Norma Fifer and Nancy Flowers
Strategic Vocabulary Instruction through Greek and Latin Roots, for grades 5–11.
Explicit instruction in morphology spelling relationships for the higher grade levels.

First and Second Course in Phonic Reading, by Lida G. Helson (out-of-print)
Is intended for children who needs a basic foundation in phonics, rated for grades 2 - 5.  Covers the sounds of the letters and phonograms.


How Spelling Supports Reading (2006)
By: Louisa Moats (2006)

Spelling and Students with Learning Disabilities
By Louise Spear-Swerling (2005)

The Strategic Spelling Skills of Students with Learning Disabilities: The Results of Two Studies
By Craig Darch (2002)

Articles about spelling and Learning disabilities.


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