Every transition in child's life brings on new challenges.  There are many different transitions:

Early Intervention to Preschool
    Preschool to Kindergarten
        Kindergarten to Grade 1
            Lower elementary Grades 1-3 to upper Elementary Grades 4-5
                Elementary to Middle school
                    Middle to High school

                           High school to working (on the job training)
                   High school to skill training, a certificate program (life skills, job skills, academic skills)
                   High school to college (college courses, 2 year program, 4 year program)

Lets take a look at your child's IEP:
What is your child's vision for the future?  Does your child's vision statement reflect their dream for their future?
At the high school level, age 14 (start as early as grade 8):
Take a look at possible colleges, jobs or skill training, a certificate program, etc. based on your child is interested in and find out what their area of intrest would require.

Massachusetts Postsecondary Transition Planning: Transition Goals Examples Sheet:

Transition Information for Parents and their students with IEPs


IEP Transition Planning Form (TPF) - official form


Transition Quickguide: Take charge of planning and managing your own health and career goals


There is a list of 9 catalogues assessments and associated tests and many worksheets from
National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC)
University of North Carolina Charlotte, College of Education, Special Education & Child Development, Charlotte, NC.
and the assessments are listed on our Type of Testing webpage, under Transition Assessments.


LD Online: Transition school to work
College or Training Programs: How to Decide, By: PACER Center (2006)
Transition To Adult Life: A Shared Responsibility
Transition - Living with Autism: Life After High School
Transition Coalition




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