Vision Therapy

Has many names:
vision training, visual training, visual therapy, visual processing therapy, eye training, behavioral optometry or orthopedic therapy.

Vision Therapy can be been described as physical therapy for the visual system which includes the brain and eyes. Through a series of progressive therapeutic procedures (eye exercises), patients develop or recover normal visual skills.

Your child can have "20/20" sight, but may have a vision problem.
Vision problems include:
A list of some common issues:

Occupational Therapies (OT's) are the providers who are most likely to recommend the therapy (there is some overlap with the type of therapy)
One parent described vision therapy as "sort of OT for the eye".

Helpful extracurricular activities with eye health in mind, actives can include actives like: swimming, gymnastics, marshall arts, etc.
These include the use coordinated seeing movement and equal reliance on both eyes crossing the mid-line.

Myopia is Nearsightedness, is seeing more easily at near than at distances.

One parent reported to us that vision therapy was not recommend to reducing the progression of myopia.

Vision problems can  interfere with a child's academic performance and effect a child's ability to learn to read.
The child's vision problem should be check and remediated if possible.

Doing vision therapy can help solve part of a reading problem, it does not mean the student can learn to read by traditional reading methods.  If they have a learning disability (LD) in reading, they will still need to be taught the sound symbol relationship, using systematic, explicit taught phonics reading methods.


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College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)

Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEP)

Parents Active for Vision Education (P.A.V.E.)

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Recommend Behavioral Optometrist / Developmental Optometrist, they will evaluate and do vision therapy.
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