Concord Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

Curriculum Accommodation Plan (CAP)

(formally refered to as a Regular Education Plan)

Section 28.03: School District Administration and Personnel.
Curriculum Accommodation Plan.

In Sept. 2000, our Mass. Special Educaiton Regulation, required that each district to adopt a Curriculum Accommodation Plan ("CAP") for the purpose of assisting principals in ensuring that all efforts have been made to meet students' needs in regular education. The plan is a systemic plan that will be adopted by the district, and although it did not require individual written plans, the intent is to increase the general education capacity to meet the individual needs of diverse student learners. School principals and school councils are involved in developing and implementing the CAP at the school building level. The CAP is considered an educational activity for the general education program, not solely or specifically special education. Additional information will be provided during the course of the 2000-2001 school year regarding this requirement. (from Administrative Advisory SPED 2001-1:Changes to Massachusetts Special Education Law, issued by David P. Driscoll, Commissioner of Education, 9/1/2000).

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Concord Public Schools has adopted individual written plan (CAP) at the elementary level (PreK-grade 5).

What is contain in the CAP?
It documents areas of concerns, how the student is being monitored, and the accommodations the student in class.
Determine if additional instruction is needed.
Indentify and provides the type of teaching instruction need for the student.

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Download Concord Public Schools CAP form Word Processing document   and
view a example of a CAP Plan  Word Processing document

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Why would your child have a CAP plan?
The plan is used to help a child who is struggling to learn there is no idenfied disiablity.
The plan is used to documents strategies to help the student in regular education.
It is implemented by regular education teachers and specialist.

The teacher meets with parents to discuss the documented strategies and implement the CAP.
The teacher requests assistance from the Language Arts Specialist, Math specialist or other specialist

The classroom teacher is responible for monitoring the students' progress and mastery of standards. 
Progress is based on report cards, parent teacher progress conferences, and MCAS if the student is in grade 3 - grade 5.
The CAP uses regular education evaluations, and MCAS if the student is in grade 3 - grade 5.  A CAP plan is updated when ever needed. 

Parent concerns about their child learning should be directed first to the teacher, and if the concerns are not addressed to the school principal.
The classroom teacher, specialist, or parent can refer a student for a full Special Education Evaluation.  CAP can stay in place while the evaluation is in process.
If student is still struggling after having a CAP in place, the child should have a full Special Education Evaluation.

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