Private Therapists recommended by our PAC members

Many of our members have not rely exclusively on public school of therapy for their children. They have got therapy from private diagnosticians.

Need a vision therapist?

While each of the following professionals comes recommended by at least three SPED PAC members, we cannot in any way guarantee the result. It is important to check their references, review their credentials, and interview them to understand whether their skills and approach are a good fit for your child.

Vision examination by Behaviral Optometrist or Developmental Optometrist

Includes extensive testing of near vision functioning in order to assess whether vision problems are interfering with academic performance.

Behavioral Optometrist   or   Developmental Optometrist
Your child's eyesight may be 20/20, but child still could have a vision problem.
Diagnosis of developmental and behavioral vision problems that can effect academics, business  or sports.
Treatment is done with vision therapy and vision rehabilitation.  Using in the office and home exercises.
Dr. Wilbert E. Libbey, O.D., FCOVD
(who presented at our PAC meeting, Feb. 2002, retired in 2006): 
66 Eastern Ave., Dedham, MA  02026 ; 781-326-1256

Catherine Kennedy O.D., FCOVD
65 Pleasant Street
Woburn MA 01801
Office: (781) 935-1025
Fax: (781) 933-6110

Celia Hinrichs, O.D., FCOVD
(previous in Watertown, MA)
169 Powers Road
Sudbury, MA 01766
Office: (978) 443-7529
Fax: (978) 405-3194

Ernest Loewenstein O.D.
471 Washington Street
Newton MA 02458
Office: (617) 244-6454
Fax: (617) 965-3685

Cathy Stern O.D., FCOVD
Fellow, FCSO, Vice President of College of Syntonic Optomertry (CSO)
7 Cedar Drive
Canton MA 02021
Office: (781) 575-0057
Fax: (781) 575-9911
(specializes in students with Artism)

John Abbondanza, O.D., FCOVD
30 Turnpike Rd Ste 7
Southborough, MA 01772, US
PH: (508) 481-8558
Fax: (508) 848-3057


New England Eye at Fenway
(Several doctors who have O.D., and are FCOVD)
1255 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215
Phone:(617) 262-2020
Fax:(617) 236-6323

Key = FCOVD stands for Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.
A Fellow is an optometrist who is Board Certified by the organization in vision development and vision therapy.

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